Raise Your Expert Status–How to Be Recognized as a Pro and Make Your Business Thrive

If anyone in your industry is going to be known as the expert, why not have it be you? This session shows you the steps to creates expert status for you and your business.
In this information-packed session, you will learn how to:

Begin to see yourself as an expert

Embrace the idea of always using value-added marketing to consistently build your expert status and your list

Learn the biggest mistake and how to fix it on your websites to build traffic and your contacts

Create an expert plan that will consistently grow your name and business recognition

Become a sought-after speaker to easily come home with clients

Learn an innovative method to write articles and blog posts simply and quickly

Understand the many ways to simply and easily build your expert status online and become known

This powerful session is the foundation for building a thriving business in today’s marketplace. It is sure to increase the sales and visibility of everyone who attends and takes action.

Tonya Hofmann