Influence Power–How to Create it, How to Keep it to Grow Your Business

The more influence you have, the more easily clients and new opportunities will come to you. When people trust, respect and remember you, they are open to working with you and go out of their way to tell others about you. Influence makes makes adding new clients easy, getting your calls returned simple and achieving your goals, accelerated. Let’s increase your influence starting today.

In this interactive session, participants will learn how to:

Embrace and apply the influence equation to effectively build relationships
Connect with people in a real and authentic way for insta-rapport
Cultivate camaraderie and trust with others so they want to work and collaborate with you
Use the five languages of appreciation to solidify your relationships
Understand the qualities that build influence to enhance all you do
Create a community where everyone around you enjoys influence and ease.

This session will prove transformational for all who attend and take action based on what we discuss.